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Common Home Canned Foods Cheat Sheets

1 Lessons

Ever wish you knew how many fresh green beans you needed to make a quart of canned?

Well, now you do!

These cheat sheets cover the most commonly home canned foods in both the waterbath canner and the pressure canner.

Fruits, veggies, even meats are covered with pressures and processing times.

Give it a look!

What is Traditional Food, Anyway?

1 Lessons

Have you ever wondered what someone means when they say they follow a "Traditional Food" or "Real Food" lifestyle?

This little eBook gives you a basic rundown of what it is, and what it isn't.

With a brief introduction to sourdough, lacto-fermentation, and cultured dairy.

Common Edible Weeds & Their Uses

1 Lessons

Did you know that most of what we call "weeds" are actually very high in nutritional content? You could actually survive on weeds if you had to.

Here are 5 of the most common weeds in North America and some of their culinary uses.

1 page PDF Download.

Is There Sugar Hiding in Your Food?

1 Lessons

Do you read labels so you know what's in your food?

Are you trying to cut down on sugar in your diet?

What if I told you that food manufacturers use over 100 different names for sugar?

This PDF download lists some of the more common names that are used instead of "sugar" in our food.

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